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 It's important to note that abusive relationships can be life-threatening and even result in murder. 

Reasons an abuser may rise to this level of violence include: 

  • Breakup,

  • A desired, but unfulfilled relationship (the victim would not begin a relationship with the perpetrator)

  • Jealousy

  • An altercation (e.g., the pair was arguing, and the fighting escalated)

The breakup and the time after the breakup are the most dangerous time periods in an abusive relationship. The person who wants to control the other person has lost control, and their aggression escalates to gain the control back. In the two years after the breakup, there is also a 75 percent increase in the risk of violence.

The methods used most often to kill a dating partner:

  • A firearm (most often a handgun)

  • A blunt object

  • Strangulation or hanging


The murders occurred in these locations:

  • The victim’s home

  • Someone else’s home or apartment

  • On the street or sidewalk, or in an alley

  • In a motor vehicle or parking lot/garage


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