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Unhealthy Relationships

A relationship can be unhealthy when there are more unhealthy than healthy characteristics. One or both partners may experience tension, feel they are being disrespected, or not feel comfortable being themselves. These relationships often make one person feel insecure, stressed, cautious, and/or sad.


Characteristics of an unhealthy relationship include when someone in the relationship


  • ignores or doesn’t care about the other person’s feelings;

  • does not respect their partner’s feelings, ideas, beliefs, or values;

  • isn’t comfortable sharing their feelings;

  • avoids discussing issues in the relationship;

  • is not willing to compromise;

  • is suspicious or jealous;

  • lies to the other person;

  • spends most of their time with the other and has no outside interests or friends;

  • gets upset easily;

  • escalates disagreements into fights; and/or

  • uses a loud voice, as well as harsh words or insults, in order to hurt the other person.

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