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Healthy Relationships

Mutual Respect

Examples of mutual respect include treating each other thoughtfully, considering the other person when making decisions, valuing the other person's opinions, and supporting each others activities and goals.   


Being thoughtful of another. Thinking of another person's feelings, likes and dislikes, schedule and comfort level in different situations. Supporting the other person. 


Trust develops when we're honest with each other and know that something we share privately won't be told to others. It helps us feel know the other person cares for us and feel secure in relationships. 


Honesty is more than just being truthful. An honest person is also loyal, sincere, displays integrity, and is upright in character. They do not lie, steal or deceive others. 


Kindness is when we show care and concern for others. We do things to help someone without wanting anything in return. It's encouraging others, being compassionate, and speaking with words that uplift. 

Good Communication

Good Communication entails listening to one another, taking time to ask questions, and understanding the other person's point of view. It's being open with each other and discussing difficulties. 

Please note, while all of these are positive traits of healthy relationships, they should not be one-sided. I.e. one person being more considerate, kind, caring or thoughtful. Or constantly putting your own needs to the side for the other person.  


We try to connect every day. We are always kind and respectful to and about each other -- we don't make mean jokes about the other or expose their weaknesses to others. Coming from a similar faith background has been HUGE for us!

I'm not sure how a relationship can thrive without God being active in your life and relationship. I believe what makes my relationship strong:

  1. We both spend time in God's word and prayer. Sometimes together, but not always. 

  2. Humor. Life isn't always easy, but he makes it fun.

  3. Choosing to be selfless when I would rather be selfish. 

We make important decisions as a team. It isn't always easy, but with prayer and communication, we've stayed strong. We attend church regularly. Above all trusting God.

We're always there for each other. We support each other in any way we can. We hold each other up and depend on our faith. We look out for each other, help each other, laugh together and lift each other up. Our faith is  a top priority. 

After believing in Jesus, the most important decision you'll ever make is who you date and marry. 

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